Using Podio Workspace For eBay Store Management

Instructions For Import

  1. Export From eBay this should be a SalesHistory.csv
  2. Open the file in Excel
  3. Add Column Current Status ….. enter “1. New Order From eBay” in each field
  4. Remove the rows at the bottom
  5. Save as an excel file i.e. .xls or .xlsx – Please note the file you export from eBay is a .csv file.
  6. Import into Podio
  7. Click on the wrench – Excel Import
  8. Choose the appropriate excel file
  9. map the columns – NOTE click the drop down for currency fields and date fields
  10. Select the duplication field on Excel
  11. Import
  12. Check all the fields have been imported

Please note that the “$” needs to be removed from all fields. i.e. $11.28 ¬†would now become 11.28 for the import. Please use use the find and replace function in excel.

Find – $

Replace – (leave this blank )

You are replacing $ with nothing.

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