TrepFest – Lean Analytics Workshop Featuring Alistair Croll – 21 Nov

We are a proud strategic partner of the following event! 

Lean Workshop


21 November 2013 @ 6 PM 

Insurance Corporation Of Barbados Ltd. (ICBL)

Roebuck Street, Bridgetown

Tickets 100 BBD

We are a proud strategic partner of the following event!  

Why Attend?

  • Learn how to develop experiments to get the key business insights to guide your business development and help you make better decisions.
  • Improve the quality of innovation in your business, by having the right tools to give feedback.
  • Use facts and data to navigate the challenges of the rapidly evolving market place.

What Is So Special About Alistair Croll?

Alistair is one of the leading thinkers in the world on analytics for start ups and early stage ventures in existing companies. Alistair's latest hit book "Lean Analytics – Use Data To Build A Better Start Up Faster" focuses specifically on developing business experiments to get the business insights you need to help you grow your business faster. The entire process is designed to be cost effective allowing the business to efficiently manage their own limited resources.

Alistair also has an emotional connection to Barbados having spent some of his childhood enjoying beaches etc. He is very excited about the event.

Currently based in Montreal, Canada Alistair works with early stage start ups and has created the International Start Up Festival. See more here

Who Should Attend?

  • founders in start ups
  • established entrepreneurs exploring new ventures within their exisiting business.
  • game changers
  • innovators 
  • business analysts
  • anyone considering starting a new business

Who are you likely to meet?

  • Developers
  • Tech Entrepreneurs
  • Business Development Consultants
  • Online Marketers

What is the Lean Start Up?

Lean Analytics is based on the Lean Start Up approach to building a business which is now practiced by both large and small companies. Some of these include Intuit (makers of quickbooks),  Dropbox, and more. More on the lean startup here

Event Details

21 November 2013 @ 6 PM 
Insurance Corporation Of Barbados Ltd. (ICBL)
Roebuck Street, Bridgetown

Tickets 100 BBD

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